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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Saturday 8/18/07
SAVIOURS (kemado records)
Green & Wood


1731 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91204
(located at Glendale blvd.and San Fernando Rd. near Atwater village.)
DOORS at 9:00 PM
Donations Encouraged at Door
Cash Bar

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


DAMN! we've been gone for a while. i know i know. what have we been doing? well, tons of cool shit really. interviews, filming, the stuff you do when your a video mag i guess. but were back in the chair and ready to send you some new love. 1st present, the tee pee records 'manifest destiny' festival this weekend. entrance, earthless, magic lantern and whole lot of other bands with beards ! :) come down to this and buy us a drink if you see us.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Villains are a new band from Brooklyn, New York. Combining members of such notable groups such as Unearthly Trance, Spaceboy and The Dying Light. They play filthy and confrontational inspired thrash metal. Think Venom and Black Flag watching porn. Grope and grind! Pick up their new CD and listen for yourself. Its out now on Aurora Borealis. I spoke with Teeth, guitar player, about what goes on with Villains......

Teeth/Villains vs. Sam Velde/TV Eye

1. Name, age, sign & instrument?
Teeth, 92, Leo, Guitar

2. Favorite band/album of all time?
Black Flag, My War or Metallica Kill 'Em All . . . hard to have just one. Black Sabbath "Sabotage"

3. Favorite current band/album?
Ludicra, Fex Urbis, Lex Orbis

4. Favorite member of Villains?
The one hanging between my legs . . . "My Favorite Member"

5. What do you like more, writing or rehearsing.....playing live or recording?
Rehearsing and playing live.

6. Is the band a linear identity or a multi-dimensional entity?
Very multi-dimensional. The five of us all have several dimensions to contribute to songwriting, lyrics, artwork and performance - in no particular order.

7. Sum up Villains in one word!

8. Nik Turner or Lemmy Kilmister?
Lemmy, my friend. I saw a cobbled together version of Hawkwind about 15 years ago and I didn't like it. I saw a 60-something Lemmy and his Motorhead group recently and they rocked the house.

9. Does it have to be loud to be heavy?
No, but it helps.

10. Are you involved in any other bands, projects, recordings?
I play in an improv-rock band called The Godoys, an improv-jazz band called J.A.P.P., and a nameless Rudimentary Peni cover band.

11. Are you opposed to the industrial shift from the physical CD/LP to digital music? Will it effect Villains?
Do you mean will it affect Villains? There's not much of an "industrial shift" from CD to digital music. A CD is digital music, and LPs are recorded digitally too. I assume you mean the interknob. Villains has a website with info and fotos and digital sound files. This means of promotion has helped Villains, but we are very into "Record Albums" - meaning a package that you open up play on your stereo, and stare at while listening.

12. How do you feel about playing live in the daytime?
We've never done it, but we've been itching to play parties since we started the band.

13. Does music have to have reference points, is it possible to create it without?
Music doesn't have to have anything. It's possible to create it with just about everything, you know? Like the olde days with a stick and some cowhide, or a seashell.

14. What are Villains' reference points?
Beer, Sodom, Whiskey, Chemistry, Slayer, Grass, Venom, Knives, Hellhammer, Chicks, Guitars, Food, Fingernails (the band), Women, Broken Glass, Aggression

15. Next on the schedule for Villains (touring, records, etc.)?
We're planning on going to England in the summer. Our CD "Drenched In The Poisons" just came out on Aurora Borealis and the vinyl version is coming out in the Spring on Nuclear War Now! Productions. We're doing a split 7" with the Italian legends, Fingernails that Nuclear War Now! is gonna put out. New songs are coming together faster than ever with no shortage of surprises. Musical chairs!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Saviours are a traditional rock 'n' roll band. For instance, they play hard. They bang on their instruments. They tour. And they sweat. All very traditional things for a "rock" band to do.

With only an LP and 10" EP under their belts, Saviours is a touring band, reaping the fruits of the road: endless nights and early mornings of headbanging, intoxication and fornication. These long haired Oaklandites have won crowds over by exploiting the magnetic attraction of harmonized guitars and never ignoring the power of sheer volume. Armed with road warrior fullstacks, Saviours' muscular live sound suits gigs in backyard, warehouse, and rock club alike.

With a new LP in the works, they will have the opportunity to test their sound in European stadiums with fellow American darlings of expansive metal, Mastodon, this Spring of 2007.

Questions by Patrick Delaney
Answers by Austin Barber

What was it in your lives or in the world at large that made the core members of Saviours change musically and mentally from good-times boogie rock and politically-minded punk to Satanic metal?
Natural progression of things, we've always just done what we've felt and done it with our bros.

Please explain the meaning behind the pun-titles of both of your releases? Is Warship a ship that praises something else? Is Crucifire a crucifixion by fire or . . . ?
We feel there is no explanation necessary.

How do you define Saviours' brand of Satanism?
I just write about shit going on in my mind and the references to Satanic shit is about my approach to life. Most of our songs are just about our journey; partying, fucking, and having a killer time. No fucking rules. If it feels good, do it - raw animal lust.

Do the members of the group participate in the "Satanic Alchemy" mentioned in the lyrics? If so in what way?
Yes. Being stoked, doing whatever the fuck you want, and living outside the world.

Are Satanic rituals - other than the live musical sort - performed by the band as a group?

I've seen Austin on lead vocals with an Explorer and Tyler on lead guitar with a Jackson Flying V. How do the early masterworks of Hetfield and Hammett influence Saviours?
They make us shred harder because they are so good. Tyler and I having the 'tallica guitars just happened, like everything else in the band, there is not an explanation for much, it just is.

The historical musical reference points of your group lead to early 80’s metal like Iron Maiden, Trouble, and others, yet your brand of metal doesn't come across as retro. What do you feel is the main reason for this accomplishment?
Don't know. We just write riffs, I'm sure our influences come out in our music but we don't wear the fuckers on our sleeves, we're just doing our own thing.

Who of you writes the incredibly catchy, melodic music?
Scott writes the majority of our riffs, but Tyler is the melodic master.

How do you decide when to simply riff, to harmonize, double each other, etc. in a given song.
We hear it and then do it.

What do you listen to - either in the van or by yourselves - that no one would think your band would listen to?
Ultimate Spinach, Twink, Steely Dan, Bill Withers, Kashmere Stage Band, Townes Van Zandt, David Axelrod, Lindsey Buckingham......

What are some non-musical inspirations which inspire your music and lyrics. Surroundings, books, animals, regions of the world, etc. ?
The occult, drugs, women, and loud music.

Your bio mentions the black metal groups Bathory and Venom. Musically, I don't see the connection. What "vibe" do you think Saviours shares with these legends?
Pissed evil music.

Most Satanic bands have historically played at a thrash tempo, twice as fast or more, yet Saviours stay in a rock tempo consistently. Was this a conscious decision? Will Saviours ever speed up?
No, we just do what we feel. Don't know.

You guys tour constantly - locally and nationally. What is the most exciting band you guys have played with that no one outside their town may have heard about?
Titan, Mammatus, California Love.

Is there a new album in the works?
Yes, we're almost halfway done writing it.

How does the new material differ from the old?
I don't know, I'd guess you’d have to hear it.

How is the new material similar to the old?
Get in the van!

Iron Maiden or Judas Priest ? Why?
Both of ‘em, ‘Cause they play ripping music!

What have you to say to the fans at home?
We have a live 12" coming out soon and we're working on new stuff for a new lp to be recorded and released this year. we are touring with mastodon then Red Sparowes and then we have a bunch of rad tours in the works for the rest of the year.

Thanks a lot!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Noxagt play a walloping fusion of sound akin to the early notes of Melvins, late era ambience of Swans and at times the wiry tension and bombast of label mates (Load Records) Lightning Bolt. They're in the US this month and next, so get out and see this blissfull trio from Norway as they send your senses into the cosmos wrapped in a doggy bag.


1. Name, age, sign & instrument?
-JAN CHRISTIAN Lauritzen; 32; Leo, Drums

2. Favorite band/album of all time?
-The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Stooges: Funhouse

3. Favorite current band/album?
-Not listening to any music right now.

4. Favorite film/Actor?
-Le Cercle Rouge. Warren Oates.

5. What do you like more, writing, rehearsing, playing live or
-Playing live. And Record. Not nescessearly at the same time.

6. Is the band a linear identity or a multi-dimensional entity?
-Both. It's multi linear.

7. Favorite Noxagt song and why?
-No favourite song. Sometimes the last one in the set, depending on which we chose to play last.

8. Lennon or Elvis?
-Frank Sinatra

9. Spring or Fall?
-Again, I have to say both.

10. Are you involved in any other bands, projects, recordings?
-No. But there is talk.

11. Are you opposed to the industrial shift from the physical CD/LP
to digital music? Will effect Noxagt?
-Personally, It's not that fun to sit at home downloading music. I prefer to be in a record shop physically,
spiritually, and mentally.

12. How do you feel about playing live in the daytime?
-Good question. We might sound better at night. On a bad day I might not feel anything at

13. Do bands have to have reference points, is it possible to
create it without?
-The ones that doesnt tend to sound like shit.

14. What are Noxagt's reference points?
-Music, movies,accidents, basically anything thats been going on in the real world since 1973.

15. Next on the schedule for Noxagt (touring, records, etc.)?
-US Tour now (March/April).

Monday, March 19, 2007


COME ON DOWN to see Seldon Hunt's film about EARTH touring Europe in 06. TV EYE #4 will be showing, Greg Anderson and Sam Velde (AKA GOD'S BALLS) will be DJing...not too mention the sounds of Lesbian and special guests. How can you miss this?