Monday, March 12, 2007


Think Die Kruezen at their dirtiest, the scawl of Laughing Hyenas era John Brannon in his prime and ATL's Lil John partying up a storm together til the wee hours. That's Pusher. Hailing from Lousiville, KY, Pusher features ex members of Breather Resist, Lords, LickGoldenSky and Coliseum. Pusher aren't looking to recreate the past, but head balls to the walls into the future. Fast and loud is their moto. Tried and true. Here's a few questions and answers with members Steve Sindoni and Adam Greenwood, GET SOME!:

Steve Sindoni and Adam Greenwood/Pusher vs. SAM VELDE/TV EYE MAGAZINE

1. Name, age, sign & instrument?
A: Adam Greenwood, 22, Virgo, Electric Six String Musical Guitar
S: My name is Steven Sindoni. I just so happen to be a Libra. I handle saying pretty ridiculous things into a microphone at a loud volume.

2. Favorite band/album of all time?
A: 1983 - 1988 Metallica. Jesus, that's such a generic answer but it's true. It's the album that changed my life.
S: That question is way to hard to answer, I guess right now it would be Black Flag's My War.

3. Favorite current band/album?
A: The Dream is Dead - "Hail the New Pawn" is fucking incredible. The Dead Child EP is the shit also. All TV on the Radio.
S: Pissed Jeans/Shallow.

4. Favorite wrestler?
A: "The Nature Boy" Rick Flair
S: Jake "the Fucking Snake" Roberts. Combining boa constrictors and crack never seemed like much fun until that wonderful man came into the ring.

5. What do you like more, playing live or recording?
A: Definently playing live
S: I definitely enjoy playing live more than recording.

6. Is the band a linear identity or a multi-dimensional entity?
A: Our band is a pan dimensional space-time continuum disruptor.
S: Ummmmmmmm... I don't know what that means. All I got was my GED.

7. Does Pusher have a message?
A: I don't know, let me check the answering machine.
S: Get pissed and have fun.

8. Pac or Biggie?
A: Mr. Biggie Smalls
S: Poppa been smooth since days of Underoos.

9. Beer or wine?
A: Coors Light and Newcastle
S: Silver Bullet tall boys.

10. Are you involved in any other bands, projects, recordings?
A: No musical projects but I have some comedy stuff that I do on the side. Can't you tell? All my answers have been so dreadfully hilarious. HAHA LOL !!!!!!

11. Are you opposed to the industrial shift from the physical CD/LP to digital music? Will it effect Pusher?
A: I don't care how people get their music as long as they listen and support the bands. Paying rent is nice though.
S: I am somewhat opposed to it. Digital music (to me anyway) ruins the asthetic of actually owning the record. The artwork and the lyrics are an essential part of a record. I don't really see it effecting us.

12. How do you feel about playing live in the daytime?
A: Do we get drink tickets?
S: I feel like it would be the same as playing at night time. Just a bit brighter.

13. Does music have to have reference points, is it possible to create it without?
A: I don't think music has to have reference points, but if it does, they all need to be cited and included in the bibliography that I put in your syllabus at the beginning of the semester.
S: That question could have a lot of different answers. So I'll just save some time by saying no.

14. What are Pusher's reference points?
A: The Enclyclopedia Briattanica
S: Well, from a lyracal standpoint I like to stick with a thesaurus.

15. Next on the schedule for Pusher (touring, records, etc.)?
A: SXSW, posssbily FuckYeahFest and some sporadic dates throughout. This spring/summer we are releasing a limited edition cassette on Robotic Empire and the CD will be available on Cold Sweat Records. Then later this year we are recording material for a three-way split cd with Pusher, Ed Gein, and Graf Orlock. So check it out.
S: Ditto. Thanks.


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