Saturday, March 24, 2007


Noxagt play a walloping fusion of sound akin to the early notes of Melvins, late era ambience of Swans and at times the wiry tension and bombast of label mates (Load Records) Lightning Bolt. They're in the US this month and next, so get out and see this blissfull trio from Norway as they send your senses into the cosmos wrapped in a doggy bag.


1. Name, age, sign & instrument?
-JAN CHRISTIAN Lauritzen; 32; Leo, Drums

2. Favorite band/album of all time?
-The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Stooges: Funhouse

3. Favorite current band/album?
-Not listening to any music right now.

4. Favorite film/Actor?
-Le Cercle Rouge. Warren Oates.

5. What do you like more, writing, rehearsing, playing live or
-Playing live. And Record. Not nescessearly at the same time.

6. Is the band a linear identity or a multi-dimensional entity?
-Both. It's multi linear.

7. Favorite Noxagt song and why?
-No favourite song. Sometimes the last one in the set, depending on which we chose to play last.

8. Lennon or Elvis?
-Frank Sinatra

9. Spring or Fall?
-Again, I have to say both.

10. Are you involved in any other bands, projects, recordings?
-No. But there is talk.

11. Are you opposed to the industrial shift from the physical CD/LP
to digital music? Will effect Noxagt?
-Personally, It's not that fun to sit at home downloading music. I prefer to be in a record shop physically,
spiritually, and mentally.

12. How do you feel about playing live in the daytime?
-Good question. We might sound better at night. On a bad day I might not feel anything at

13. Do bands have to have reference points, is it possible to
create it without?
-The ones that doesnt tend to sound like shit.

14. What are Noxagt's reference points?
-Music, movies,accidents, basically anything thats been going on in the real world since 1973.

15. Next on the schedule for Noxagt (touring, records, etc.)?
-US Tour now (March/April).


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